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welcome iconFranking Machines from Franking Direct

Franking Direct is an independent UK supplier of mailing equipment, such as:

  • Franking machines
  • Folder inserter machines
  • Address printing machines

Our fresh approach to business focuses on a simple process. It begins with efficient communication, and great products. It ends with attentive ongoing support that our customers can rely on. Our range of products and services is listed below:

  • We supply a handpicked range of mailing equipment that offers the best all round value for money.
  • We supply mailing equipment and machines to businesses of all shapes and sizes, in both the public and private sectors, to cater for all needs big and small.

Our Machines

Our franking, folder inserter and printing machines can be financed to suit your individual needs. We can help you with an outright purchase, a long or short-term rental/lease or even the hire purchase of our equipment.

  • Our franking machines are used in dentists, accountants, estate agents, hospitals, universities, banks, manufacturers, entertainment chains and every business that has a requirement to post an item.
  • All of our machines and equipment can be upgraded in line with market changes and developments.
  • We have an understanding and friendly team, who will make acquiring a machine an extremely easy and simple process - we do the work so you don't have to.

Whether you send 5 or 5000 letters a day, we can help save your business time and money with our franking solutions. Our direct communication and personal service sets us apart from the rest. Contact us today for an impartial, no nonsense mailing machine quote.

Franking machines are used by companies of all sizes to weigh and frank outgoing mail - significantly reducing mailing costs. For example on a franking machine a 2nd class letter is 18p cheaper than a stamp. A medium size parcel 1-2kg is 140p cheaper.

Used by UK businesses to:

  • Reduce the cost of sending mail
  • Save time by reducing trips to the post office
  • Reinforce the company's brand name
  • Manage the spending of the company
  • Improve the efficiency of processing mail
  • Most importantly - gets your mail there quicker!

There is a wide variety of machines available for various businesses. For small-medium sized enterprises, a low volume (30 items per day) up to mid volume (100 items per day) franking machine would suffice. For large companies, there are machines that can frank 1000's of items per day.

Here are a few examples:

Great for the smaller user

  • Up to 18 letters per minute

Medium size

  • Can print up to 40 letters per minute


Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the UK's official postal service provider. They deliver letters and parcels to more than 29 million addresses in the UK.

Cost of Mailing in the UK

Here is the standard cost of stamping mail according to the Royal Mail (March 2015):

1st Class Mail - Letters will be delivered on the next working day - including Saturdays.

2nd Class Mail - Letters will be delivered in 2 - 3 working days - including Saturdays.

Special Delivery Guaranteed™ - The letter will be delivered the next day - including Saturdays (for an additional fee). The mail can be tracked online and will require a signed proof of delivery.

Size Weight 1st Class 2nd Class Special Delivery Guaranteed™ by 1pm (Compensation for up to £500)
Letter 100g 63p 54p £6.45
Large Letter 100g 95p 74p £6.45
250g £1.26 £1.19 £6.45
500g £1.68 £1.51 £7.25
750g £2.42 £2.05 £7.25

Sending mail through a franking machine is far cheaper. 1st Class mail starts from 51p and 2nd class mail starts from 36p.

Click here to see the price difference on a franking meter.

So, what are you waiting for? A franking machine is practically worth its weight in Gold ...

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12th May 2014

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DP50i franking machine

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On Friday's send your business mail 2nd class. Your business clients won't be in until Monday when Second class mail arrives. First Class will arrive Saturday when no one is there

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"The franking machine industry can be very daunting, congested and confusing. Here at Franking Direct we keep it simple, as it should be. We remove the jargon and put ourselves in the position of our customers."

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