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Your Franking Machine ‘Mail Mark’ by Royal Mail [Posted 05-12-2013]

Dear Customer,

There is a lot of speculation and rumour flying around at the moment regarding the introduction next year of ‘Mail Mark’ by Royal Mail. What is it, does it work on a Franking Meter, did you get extra discounts, do I need it etc.

Although Royal Mail has given a brief industry overview, it is by no means totally defined yet and the specifics have not been issued. There are a few unscrupulous companies already scare mongering to their competitor’s clients (but not their own) in the faint hope of drumming up some quick ‘scare sales’. We don’t operate in this manner and like to give an honest and evaluative service based on actual client need. So I thought I would pre-empt any questions and give you a very brief overview of ‘Mail Mark’ as we know today.

Firstly, it is a different frank mark that will appear on your envelope including a barcode printed by your franking meter. It will look something like this:

The main advantage is that Royal Mail can capture additional information about the mail for analysis by use of a barcode which can store an increased volume of data. Data such as ‘Product used, Mail Format, Weight Band, Unique item Number, Welsh and English Language and Sorting Office used. Royal Mail will also be using this opportunity to brand the indicia with the ‘Delivered By’ logo they introduced on some volume mail last year. This data capture will allow Royal Mail to better analyse their business and consequently improve customer needs/service.

Other changes are the introduction of ‘Business Reply Envelope’ printing on your franking meter, some auto tariff updates. It is speculated there may be an extra additional discount on the franked mail if ‘Mail Mark’ is used. This is unclarified at present. These discounts might only be available with the use of white envelopes as they read better on the sorting machines. Again this is a notion at the moment.

It is also speculated that half of the meters on the market at present will not be able to accommodate ‘Mail Mark’, however it is not compulsory to use it. We do not yet know for certain which machines will or won’t be viable for the change from our range, early evaluation looks like 95% of our range will be accommodative.

Obviously as more certain and definitive information comes out we will advise. Royal Mail will also write to all Franking Machine Users nearer the time. The roll out is tentatively scheduled near April of next year but will be slowly introduced to different machine sectors throughout 2014.

We will of course contact every customer personally as and when we know more to review all your options. Until then, I hope this helps. We will publish any new information here on our website – so check back for updates

My I finally take this opportunity to thank you for business this year. We have enjoyed working with you and wish you a fabulous and sumptuous festive period and a happy and healthy New Year


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