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Royal Mail Tariff Rate Change Franking & Stamps 31st March 2014 [Posted 23-03-2014]

As you are by now aware, Royal Mail will be updating their price structure on 31st March 2014.

Last year we had the big introduction of small and medium parcel. This range size was then further increased earlier this year to accommodate bigger sizes and shapes.

Some great news in this Rate Change is the price of 1-2kg small parcels on a franking meter have gone down by £1.10 second class and 70p first class. That's a huge saving. A basic second class letter is over 30% cheaper than its stamp equivalent, and a first class letter is 19% cheaper.

We have also designed a new wall chart and calculator for you showing all the stamp/frank new prices and savings. (visit our 'Postal Discount' section to get franking calculator) You will notice an extra discount column for those using the newly introduced MailMark by Royal Mail. Extra discounts will be available of 1-2p on Letter/Large Letter services.

MailMark will slowly be rolled out over the remainder of this year. With just a handful of machines using MailMark from 31st March 2014 If you need any help or advice regarding rates, MailMark or machines. Give us a call

Uk Royal Mail Franking Price Wall Chart April 2014 Pdf



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