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Royal Mail postage underpayment surcharge [Posted 05-07-2018]

When franking your mail you need to pay the correct amount of postage. Should you mistakenly frank the wrong amount a Royal Mail surcharge will occur for the underpayment.

If Royal Mail identify that you have accidentally underpaid, your post will still be sent. The underpayment details will be captured and provided to Pitney Bowes and will be detailed on your next Pitney Bowes postage invoice.

If you want to discuss an underpayment surcharge, please call Royal Mail directly on 0845 113 111.

What can I do to prevent surcharges?

Choose the right size option when franking Letters and Large Letters.

Large Letters measure up to 353mm x 250mm x 25mm and can weigh up to 750g. So, please select the Large Letter option on your franking machine and not the Letter option when you are franking larger letters up to this size.

More information can be found on Royal Mails website.
Follow link for more information

If you send mail to the Republic of Ireland you will need to send as international post.

Letters and Parcels posted to the Republic of Ireland are commonly sent as domestic, the Republic of Ireland is not part of the U.K. If the Irish address has a BT post code then it is domestic mail, if not then the mail should be sent as international post.

For more information on international destinations, please visit Royal Mail.
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Address not visible/unable to identify correct destination


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